The kerala Story movie trailer release date cast actress budget

The Kerala Story is a film based on the true story of a Hindu nurse who was kidnapped and coerced to convert to Islam by a radical group in Kerala. Adah Sharma portrays the nurse, Fathima Ba, who struggles to escape from her captors and reclaim her identity.

The kerala Story movie trailer release date cast actress budget

The film also features Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani and Siddhi Idnani as three other women who were subjected to the same horror and joined Fathima in her fight for freedom.

The Kerala story movie story and plot

The Kerala Story, a movie that claims to expose the alleged mass conversion and recruitment of Kerala women by ISIS, has released the Kerala story movie trailer. The movie stars Adah Sharma in a key role and has sparked a lot of controversy on social media. Many people have questioned the validity of the facts presented in the movie.

The movie is set in Kerala and alleges that 32,000 women from the state were coerced into joining the terrorist group. The teaser of the movie, which was released on November 2 last year, had also faced backlash from many people who demanded to ban the movie.

Sudipto Sen, the director and writer of The Kerala Story, appealed to the audience to watch the movie before jumping to conclusions. He tweeted, “Folded hand, I request all of you to watch the film first. The country’s best, award-winning technicians worked with a super young team for seven long years and delivered one sensible cinema. We agree to disagree. But please watch the film first.”

the kerala story movie release date

The Kerala Story movie is totally ready for release to watch, and on May 5, 2023 will be released in theatres worldwide. The makers announced the release date of the Kerala story through social media platforms.

the Kerala story movie cast and actresses

The Kerala Story actress is Adah Sharma in the lead role and other cast

  • Adah Sharma as Shalini Unnikrishnan / Fatima Ba
  • Yogita Bihani
  • Siddhi Idnani
  • Vijay Krishna
  • Sonia Balani
  • Pranay Pachaur

the kerala story movie Crew

  • Directed by Sudipto Sen
  • Written by Suryapal Singh Sudipto Sen Vipul Amrutlal Shah
  • Produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah
  • Starring Adah Sharma Yogita Bihani Sonia Balani Siddhi Idnani
  • Release date 5 May 2023
  • Country India
  • Language Hindi

The kerala story movie trailer

the Kerala story movie budget

The Kerala Story has been made on an overall budget of Approx Rs 30 Crores.

Production Budget: 25 Crores
Prints & Advertising Costs:5 Crores

Who is the Lead Star Cast of The Kerala Story Movie?

The Adah Sharma lead roles in the film.

Who is the Actors of The Kerala Story?

The TBD is lead Actor in the film.

Who is the Actress of The Kerala Story?

The Adah Sharma is lead actress in the film.

What is the Release Date of The Kerala Story?

The film is release on 30 June 2023.

Who is the director of The Kerala Story?

The film is directed by Sudipto Sen.

What is the budget of The Kerala Story movie?

The film is made overall budget Approx 15 crore.

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