Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir’s Love Story Takes a New Turn

Prachi invites Ranbir and his family to celebrate Khushi’s birthday, hoping to reunite with him. Ranbir and Prachi feeling their love with each other when they dance together, but they are thinking it’s too late for them.

Balbir, who is Khushi’s foster father is a criminal, hiding into Prachi’s house and plans to kill her. Will he succeed? Will Ranbir and Prachi confess their love for each other? Will Khushi find out the truth about her parents?

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update

Today Prachi has a special reason to be happy. Because her daughter Khushi’s birthday, and she wants to make it memorable with her family and friends for her. She has planned a surprise party for her at her house.

But there is one person who is missing from her life, and that is Ranbir, Prachi and Ranbir had a bitter breakup five years ago, when they both misunderstood each other’s intentions. Prachi thought Ranbir had cheated on her with Rhea, while Ranbir thought Prachi had left him for Akshay.

They never got a chance to clear their misunderstandings, and they selected their own ways. Ranbir married Rhea, but he never loved her. He still had feelings for Prachi, but he never expressed them.

24th May 2023 written update kumkum bhagya

Prachi decides to invite Ranbir and his family to Khushi’s birthday party, hoping to mend their relationship. She knows that Khushi loves Ranbir.

She calls Ranbir and asks him to come to the party. Ranbir become surprised by her call, but he decide to go her party. He feels surge of emotions when he hears her voice. He wonders why she is inviting him after so long time. He hopes that she still loves him, but he has doubt that she does.

Ranbir and Prachi dance together and feel their love

Ranbir arrives at the party with his family. He meets Prachi and feels awkward. He sees Prachi looking beautiful in a blue saree, and he feels his heart is beating.

Prachi also feels nervous when she sees Ranbir. She greets him and his family warmly, and thanks them for coming. She introduces them to Khushi, who hugs them happily.

Khushi is overjoyed to see Ranbir. She tells him that he is her favorite uncle, and that Prachi wants to dance with Ranbir. While dancing, they feel their love and attraction for each other.

Ranbir and Prachi feel uncomfortable at first, but they soon get lost in each other’s eyes. They feel their old love as they want move closer to each other. They forget about their past hurts and their present partners. They only remember their happy moments together.

They dance to a romantic song, and feel their hearts beating. They are smiling to see each other, and feeling connection between each other a connection that no one else feels. They are wondering why they are going down to each other feeling, when they have moved on in their lives.

They both question their feelings and realize that they still love each other. They want to tell their feeling and love, but they are thinking it’s too late. They don’t know that they are both mistaken about each other’s relationships.

Balbir sneaks into Prachi’s house with a deadly plan

Balbir sneaks into Prachi’s house with a deadly plan. He is actually a criminal who escaped from police. He hates Prachi for sending him to jail and separating him from Laali, his lover.

He decides to take revenge Prachi to killing her in front of Khushi. He wants to make Prachi suffer as much as he did. He is waiting for the right moment to attack Prachi.

He sees Prachi going to the kitchen to get some water. He follows her quietly and takes out a knife from his pocket. He says that he will kill her and take Khushi with him.

Will Balbir succeed in his plan? Will Ranbir and Prachi confess their love? Will Khushi find out the truth about her parents? To know more, watch Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV or Zee5.com.

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